In the United States in the 1800's the industrial revolution was rolling along. During this time period the American worker was busting tail and working 24/7 to get by, even kids were working in mills to assist the struggling families. As the time went on and the work continued Labor Unions were formed to try and make conditions better for the American worker!

In September of 1882, thousands of workers took a day off without pay to march in New York City, holding the first "Labor Day Parade"!  Still today all across the US, Americans will be "marching" in parades to celebrate the hard work put in all across the country. After that first parade, a "workingmen's holiday" was created and celebrated on the first Monday of September and many states recognized the holiday. Nationally it took strikes, boycotts and riots before President Grover Cleveland signed it into law that Labor Day was a National Holiday celebrated on the first Monday of September.

Labor Day was created as a day to celebrate the hard working American's, not a day to celebrate the military. Many get confused thinking it's a day to celebrated those that have served or died in the military, I assume because of the American ride that is shown with flags waving, red white and blue banners flying. In my opinion, we shouldn't have to set aside a day to thank those that put on a uniform and served our country and many died while doing it, but Memorial Day we Honor the fallen on the final Monday in May and Honor ALL that served on Veterans Day which is November 11th.

No matter how you celebrate Labor Day, whether it's a BBQ with family and friends, a day on the lake or river or spending time on the job, take a little time to kick back and relax. Labor Day is for all of us hard working Americans! GOD BLESS THE USA!

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