It's really not what you think when you first read it.

It is a clever attention-getting ploy from WYDOT - Wyoming Department Of Transportation - to hire people for the job of striping.

Okay, let me try that again.

They need people for striping crews. You will operate on a poll and.

What I mean to say is, you will be handed a pole to work, but NOT that kind of pole.

Wow okay - one last try.

See, before a road can be resurfaced it needs to be striped. So they hire people to strip the old cracked top, and so on, away. Then crews come in and resurface.

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Okay, I think most of you get the idea but some of you are still chuckling. Either you don't get it or you don't want to get it.

Tell you what, just read the full ad.

attachment-Full Wydot Ad

I hope that helped. You can apply for the job at this link. 

Now you have to give WYDOT credit for such a clever ad. I saw it on social media and it sure as heck made me stop.

For any stripers who work for, you know, strip clubs, please do not apply. You'll only cause a traffic jam.

And besides, it's winter. You don't want to be throwing off your clothes in this kind of cold and wind. And your clothes will blow away, then you'll really be in trouble.

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