I love Ford Broncos so much, I’ve owned 4 of them, I only gave up on my last one after a black ice rollover incident on I-25. I didn’t get a scratch, even with my seat belt stupidly unbuckled.

They are everything I want in a vehicle. Tall enough to see over traffic, high enough to clear snow, mud and rocks yet fit in a parking garage. Big enough to give you a good chance of survival in an argument, short enough to easily turn around on an average street. I never got into a situation that my Broncos never got me back out of.

Given the choice of a Lamborghini or full-sizeze Bronco, I’d take the Bronco. The only problem is, they’re gone. But that may soon be rectified. Ford Broncos were made from 1966 through 1996. Now, after 20 years gone, they may be coming to a showroom soon. It's finally been confirmed that a 2020 Ford Bronco is on the way. I'll start saving now.


The first model year for the Ford Ranger was 1983. A second-generation model was introduced in 1993. Its 29-year production run ended in 2012. Would you want a new Ranger? Looks like they’re bringing them back using an Atlas base. Wyoming loves 4X4s. Lately, fuel prices have been lower and that makes larger vehicles more attractive again.


And then there’s this offering; The “Mission-Ready Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 Fuel Cell Vehicle Breaks Cover at U.S. Army Show.”



“The physically imposing Chevrolet Colorado ZH2, the most extreme off-road-capable fuel-cell-powered electric vehicle ever from General Motors, was revealed at the fall meeting of the Association of the United States Army

Standing more than 6½ feet tall and more than seven feet wide, the Colorado ZH2 was built on a stretched midsize pickup chassis. Reinforced inside and out, the ZH2 rides on 37-inch tires and a specially modified suspension that helps the vehicle climb over and descend all manner of terrain.

The U.S. Army will test the Colorado ZH2 in extreme field conditions next year to determine the viability of hydrogen-powered vehicles on military missions.”



One of Wyoming’s best 4X4 trails is northwest of Cody, Wyoming. The Morrison Jeep Trail is among America’s best. What would you want to drive in and out with?

Maybe you want a custom build. You might be able to get this 1967 Kaiser Jeep M715 for $25, thanks to Nick Dodgson and his crew from Midas & Speedylube. BTW, between Fords & Chevys, Nick says Ford owns Wyoming loyalty.

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