They're curious kids, Jared, Anna, and Logan, AKA 307 Ghost Chronicles.

If you find one in their series, you might be impressed with their well produced historic mysteries of Wyoming. And Jared plays host very well.

On their official site, there isn't much about who these three are. It just has a lot about their mission. At the start of every episode, they make clear they share our home state, but we'd like to also know their home town in Wyoming. Oh well.

It's clear Jared, Anna and Logan are ghost hunters, cited for “investigative techniques and solid video production at such a young age,” and this was descriptive, “A pursuit to prove the past never died.” (Do I hear eye rolling?)

Some already sarcastically said, “OoooWeeeOooo,” as they exited the page. (About speaking with the dead, I'm a skeptic, myself, but how they work, and especially where they work, around places we know, is pretty cool.)

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