In the old days, a man having a beard showed intimidation to others. A beard was a sign of honor and they were only cut as a form of punishment. As a matter of fact, during the middle ages if you were to touch another mans beard, it could lead to a dual. It's still not a good idea to walk up and touch a man beard and since duals aren't acceptable anymore, it may get you a punch in the nose. Can you imagine what the beard game was like at the original Mountain Man Rendezvous?

In today's society growing a beard is a common trend happening all over the country. Hipsters, hippies, handymen, outdoorsmen, hunters and athletes can be spotted with a beard and in Wyoming you can't go far without seeing a natural face warmer.

If you watched the show Duck Dynasty, you know that having a beard is a right of passage for the duck hunting Robertson family and really many in the duck hunting world. Once the weather gets cold, when you're zipping to the duck blind in a boat your beard will keep your face warmer.

There have been some throughout the years that claim beards don't really keep your face warmer...luckily science has proven those naysayers wrong. In a study of nearly 100 men that determined men with a clean shaven face lose body heat quicker than those with a hairy face.

I've had a beard for years and it's been a money saving adventure too. Less shaving means less buying of razors, shaving cream and aftershave. If you treat your beard properly, you'll need to use some products and give it a good coming or brushing to keep it looking maintained. Beard balm, beard oil are the products I use that my buddy Hugo at ManCave559 makes. Some go even deeper than that, but that's what I use and the ladies love it!

Tae Drew Maddie
Tae Drew Maddie
Drew Kirby, Townsquare Media

Here are some of the reasons to have a beard from 24/7 Wall St.:

  • Provides Protection From The Sun: If you've ever seen a man with a beard shave, there's a really good chance the area of his face that had no hair is a different shade.
  •  Acts Like A Filter And Block Allergens: The reason for your nose to have hairs is to stop a lot of the allergens floating in the air, your beard works to help stop the allergens from getting to your respiratory system. It could also collect pollen so you need to wash your beard, just like a filter.
  • Stops Facial Bacteria: In a hospital study men without beards were more likely to have bacteria on their skin.
  • Keeps You Warm: Not only holds in body heat, but protects from wind chill on the skin.
  • Ladies Like A Bearded Fella: A study of 8,500 women showed that women preferred a man with some sort of facial hair and clean shaven men were less attractive.
  • Lowers The Risk Of Cancer: UV rays have been known to cause cancer, a beard may not block all of the sun but more than not having a beard
  • Decreases Breakouts and Shaving Bumps: Not shaving decreases the risk of having ingrown hairs or other shaving induced issues.
  • Retains Skin's Moisture: Beards help keep oils in your faces skin, shaving strips the oil away.
  • Slows Aging: Reduced exposure to the sun means more protection of the skin.

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