Modesty is for wussies. Beard are the self-proclaimed "heaviest and greatest rock band to ever emerge from New Mexico," and in the grand tradition of groups using imagined sexual liaisons between superstars to describe their music, this Albuquerque foursome fancies itself a "three-way love child" spawned by Queens of the Stone Age, the Foo Fighters and Pink Floyd.

That sounds about right to us, though 'Riot,' today's free MP3, is more riffy than it is trippy, more Grohl than Gilmour. It's classic chug-a-lug rock 'n' roll, which is exactly what these four friends set out to create. Beard formed in October 2011, when an informal jam session led to something more permanent. The quartet hit the studio last summer, and while the original plan was to cut an EP, the songs poured forth like happy hour brew, leading instead to the full-length 'Black Unicorn.'

It all seems to have happened rather quickly for Beard, though when singer Moso, aka M Beard, was asked to provide a quote about 'Riot,' he recognized the importance of taking one's time.

"Patience is a virtue and good things come to those who wait," he tells "Whether you are right or wrong."

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