Being a man there are things that are easy for me to remember like, the first time I killed a deer, the first time I shot a gun, when I drank my first beer, the born on date for the 12 pack in my fridge, but when it comes to certain dates I'm lost.

My brother is getting married this month and being the planner I am and always looking to save money, I purchased my airline ticket a month and a half early so I could get the best rate I could. I was pretty happy to have found a round trip ticket for $350 from Casper...SCORE! This week I was talking with my mom and she was telling me how excited she was for me to come home next week. The problem was, the wedding wasn't for two I thought! I was wrong about the date. Wait a minute, I'm never wrong about dates...

  • June 30, 2021 I had a nice wind at my back and had the best drive I've ever hit on a golf course.
  • November 16th, 1993 I shot my first was a small and I was stoked.

For some reason though, I was dead wrong about this date. When the invitation came in the mail, I looked at the it filled out the RSVP form online and put it on the fridge and didn't think about it again, until I was told I had the wrong date. That means I have the WRONG dates for my plane tickets, which means I have to change my travel plans, which means...I HAVE TO PAY MORE MONEY!

This episode made me wonder what in the heck happened, so I went searching for help. (I know...admitting I'm wrong and going to find help. Not a man like thing to do, but I had to figure it out).

An article in Women's Health Magazine says that the memory for both men and women starts to go after the age of 30, for men it really drops off at the age of 40! That makes sense...I'm almost 44. Ok, that helps a little.

I found a blog at GenderMed.Org called 'Why men never remember and women never forget' that said

Women have a higher rate of blood flow to certain parts of the brain, including those that control language. This is one of the reasons researchers give for the overwhelming evidence that women have better immediate and delayed recall of the spoken word.

Psychology Today broke it down a little more, emotion plays a major role in your ability to remember events and dates. If you have a strong emotion (good or bad) it impacts the way you think about the date. If you're going to the Wyoming Football game in 2 months, you'll remember that because you're excited about it. If you're not excited about an event, remembering is a little more difficult. It's not that I'm not excited about my brothers getting married, I'm not a fan of going to weddings! Don't like dressing up, don't like spending money, and so on and so forth.

So if you really want to remember a date or event, make sure you get excited about that specific event.  Like my best drive or my first deer, I was excited and remember those dates.

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