There are many things that we use every day, or even enjoy on special occasions that were created by women. From mothers, grandmas, wives, girlfriends, aunties, and cool cousins there are many women you should give a little shout out today. These women in particular have more than earned the most respect and are unsung American heroes.   

Necessity is the mother of invention, and I can confidently say these mothers of their inventions knew what the world needed. These Entrepreneurs, Chemists, scientists, and problem solvers were set to make our world as we know an easier, happier, and safer place to live. They were not afraid to try something new, and the world adopted their creativity because of it. We can celebrate them any day we want, but International women's day is a great day to put a spotlight on it.  

There have been many female inventors in the past who were disregarded, or flat out stolen from. I feel that it is important to give people the recognition that they deserve. in this time where we point fingers and pick fights with one another it'll be a nice break to praise those who deserve it.   

Encourage your daughters and your wives, support your sisters and friends, and for Petes sake listen to your mothers. Many of these women had families and they changed life as we know it. Maybe someday someone you know will be making history.

Inventions Made By Women

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I Swear I'll Kill You If You Play That

Recently, a Wyoming man was convicted of assaulting and shooting another man over an argument about a song on the radio.

No one died. The shooter got 7 years and a $1,357 fine.

This much we know but the public never got to hear - WHAT WAS THE SONG?

Imagine yourself on a long Wyoming highway, late at night. You're driving with someone and a song that you just HATE comes on the radio. But they turn it UP and start to sting along.

How bad does the song have to be to justify doing what you are thinking?

Below are some examples.

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