When the Central Wyoming Fair & Rodeo rolls into Casper you can count on a few things.  Delicious greasy food, great rodeo action, fun rides, and of course....thunderstorms.  I've always wondered why thunderstorms make their main summer appearance during fair week.

I love thunderstorms.  They bring in much needed moisture and they are fun to watch.  Summers in Casper have a tendency to be pretty dry.  When Casper gets hit with a killer thunderstorm, I am usually pretty excited.  But these storms are few and far between.  For some reason, thunderstorms seem to be in abundance during the week of the fair.  When the fair is gone, so are the storms.  It is not like the storms are on a clock pattern to hit on specific dates.  The Central Wyoming Fair & Rodeo dates fluctuate throughout the years, and the thunderstorms seem to stay right on the same schedule as the fair.  I would welcome more storms throughout the summer, but i know when the fair leaves, the storm season is pretty much done for.  We may get lucky and get hit once afterwords, but not typically.

There is no meteorological explanation for this.  It is just a part of the fair experience we have all grown accustomed to.  Do the storms follow the fair?  Does the fair follow the storms?  Do the folks at the fair have a crazy weather machine?  Why do you think it always storms during fair week?