The dish you can't live without this Thanksgiving may be the same dish Wyoming can't live without.

The countdown to Thanksgiving is here. Everyone has their own way of preparing for a day filled with delicious food. For me, I try to abstain from food that tastes like the traditional dishes that are at my family gettogethers so I can indulge fully without taste bud fatigue.

Do you have dishes that are always served at your gatherings?

These are the dishes, aside from the main dish, that serve as the supporting cast. The meal just wouldn't be the same without their role. From mashed potatoes to cranberry sauce, Google teamed up with Business Insider to determine the most popular side dishes in each state. This is based strictly on Google searches.

Wyoming can't have Thanksgiving without sweet potatoes.

Contrary to popular belief, sweet potatoes are not yams and yams are not sweet potatoes. Yams tend to be more starchy and dry, while sweet potatoes are soft and make for great fillings, like in sweet potato pie. Do you have a recipe for sweet potatoes that always makes an appearance on your Thanksgiving table?

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