I will admit, I've never gotten busy in a Burger King bathroom but there is a place somewhere up I-25 around Kaycee, the cows got a lesson.

We've all passed a farm-ranch, and saw a bull exerting his bullishness on his herd! The laughter that is heard when everyone gets a view. The next question from Susie is "What are they doing?"  Every mom & dads worst nightmare! Just think of it as a Burger King bathroom. The bull was just taking his chance to do the hump...the humpty hump! Well in my case it was the bulls and cows that got a peek at the other side. It's a long ride from Sheridan to be teased with the goodie good, until you just have to shut someone up, literally. Hard to speak when your mouth is full. Actually, at some point I think I mooed!

Gives new meaning to, "til the cows come home!' This brought about the question, "Where does Casper get busy? A few options came to mind.

Anthony Pollreisz, K2 Radio

The Natrona County International Airport is one spot that comes to mind. There were nights back home in Birmingham, Alabama you could cruise around the airport and see many couples enjoying the sights as the planes came in for their landing. Maybe, I should check my phrasing, huh?

Aja Lewis

The downtown parking garage seems to be yet another place for Casperites to get their groove on. I've actually heard some good stories about this landmark. Be careful here, I also hear the po-po frequent this maybe not so good place to 'ride the highway all night long!' No time for double parking, up in here!! Double parking? Ms. Ivy knows all about double parking. She has skills, too! Hope that sign is no indication of your 'getting busy status." Some times it's not good to be little bitty!


Rich Denison, Townsquare Media

The scenic overlook heading up Casper Mountain Road is another spot for the viewing the late night lights as they twinkle below. What's the line about a 'twinkle' in your daddy's eye. It's yo' thang, do what you want to do, however that means condoms, too. Always a good idea to practice safety. I know it breaks the mood to put on the old raincoat but it's better than a couple of things you really don't want!

Bill Schwamle, Townsquare Media

Any old dirt road will do. Actually, you've missed your mark if you end up here. Reverse and let's start over...Lol!!! There are tons of dirt roads around Natrona County, choose yours and let's get at it. Which brings me to the dirt roads off of Bessemer Bend Road. The wind was crazy that night. Hey, sometimes you might have to battle the elements and eat a little dirt, among other things. That was a 4th of July night. You couldn't really hear it, however things did go boom...it was that eruption thing. Anyone have a paper towel?

And for all of you that have actually done the BK bathroom trick, perhaps I'm envious of you. Not really! Do you have the skills to get dressed in a closet with two pockets full of quarters? Don't ask why, just know R.Kelly was no where to be found.