We all have had smells bring back fond memories from our childhood. The smell of fresh baked cookies remind you of Grandma's house and campfire smoke reminds you of summer at the lake. But, what smell reminds you the most of winter?

According to Noopur R Kalawatia, of Quora.com

The olfactory bulb, responsible for your perception of smell, is closely sitting with the limbic brain which is responsible for your memory and behavior such that it is also called the "emotional brain".But, for the smells to work you have to understand the concept of conditioned responses.

For example,
When you first smell a flower, your brain tried to relate an event with this smell. So that when you again get a whiff of the same you react spontaneously connecting it to previous event .

Some people will say nutmeg or cocoa remind them of winter. But, for me, it is a lot weirder. As strange as it sounds, the smell of car exhaust trigger fond memories of winter. The cold weather seems to make the smell of exhaust more prominent in the winter. Not to mention vehicles run a lot more during the winter months. I don't know what it is, but the smell always triggers a positive memory of my childhood. I can't explain it. My guess is my "emotional brain" connects it to memories of warming up vehicles in the morning before going on winter adventures.

As it turns out, I am not the only one who likes exhaust fumes in the winter. There is a viral video, circulating out of Russia, showing a moose huffing car exhaust. Check it out.

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