I try not to complain too much about the cold here in Wyoming, but after this morning... I'm complaining. For one, this year we enjoyed 60 degree temperatures until right before Christmas. Second, I spent my teenage years in Flint, Michigan. Being surrounded by the Great Lakes usually meant it was colder, especially when factoring in the wind chill factor and humidity.

Be that as it may, so far this year I have had two minor winter mishaps with my vehicle. The first was back when we had that short week of cold weather in November. During that time period, my keys got locked in my SUV while it was running. That's not supposed to happen with the keys in the ignition, let alone running! But okay, lesson learned. The second mishap was the morning when my truck wouldn't start. I'm pretty sure I only need a jump as my battery is a Duralast and only two years old.

Regardless... I'm tired of the cold already.