While the holidays are often a great time to reconnect with family and friends. It's also a time where we come up with some fun new ideas with cooking recipes, and of course cocktail recipes!

I was on Thrillist today and found a place out of Michigan called the Cask & Kettle. It works just like a K-cup, but instead of using coffee grounds inside. It's all of the ingredients that you need for that special cider or Irish coffee.

However, the inventor of this ingenious creation said that it took them about a year to find a distillery that was going to go ahead and fill up their 1oz cups with alcohol. Now I know how excited you are to go out to your local grocery store and bring these awesome things home with you.

Hold your horses cause they aren't on the shelves here in the cowboy state yet. Just because I know you're going to go online and look after reading this, let me save you some time. No, you also can't get these from Amazon either. But you can take a little drive to either California or just east of Nebraska. Those are your two closest options for this handy little Cask & Kettle. 

Take a look at this review from Thrillist on how many times it took them to get one of these concoctions made correctly. I'd assume if you have ever used a Kurige, you won't have any difficulty.

Happy holidays and consume responsibly.

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