This morning, as I was washing my hair in the shower, I realized that subconsciously I have the exact same routine every time.

1. Turn on water

2. Step in shower

3. Curse because I didn't wait for the water to warm up

4. Stare in confusion at all the bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and weird cleansing products that the women of my house use

5. Curse because I used some sort of body wash instead of shampoo

6. Work the sliver of soap down my body from head to toe

7. Turn off water, step out of shower

8. Curse because I didn't get all the soap out of my crevices

This, of course, made me wonder..."How do other people shower, and what do they wash first?"

Three answers pop up repeatedly. Face, Hair, Naughty Parts. And then, an odd discussion about pubes.

If anything can be said about us Casper folk, we like to be clean when we get dirty.

Agree? Disagree? Have one not listed? Feel free to sound off below in the comment section!