I have yet to meet the person that enjoys doing the dishes, but it still has to be done. The question is however: what is the preferred method in the Cowboy State... by hand or in the dishwasher?

Growing up in the era prior to most modern houses having dishwashers, I was the dishwasher! Maybe that's why in my older age, I just don't trust the machine on it's own. I cook and often it's things don't don't clean easily, even after soaking in scalding hot water! Of course, it could just be my inner germaphobe that feels safer using both methods.

I remember when I was a kid, I couldn't wait until I had kids of my own to do the dishes. Now that I have them, I don't trust them to do it right. OCD sucks.

Well Wyoming... let's find out which method you prefer. Feel free to sound off in the comments section why you made your choice too.