Drummers are often the unsung members of the band, but it does take some skill to keep the beat and be a group's rhythmic compass. So that makes what Weezer drummer Pat Wilson did over the weekend all the more impressive.

Sure, we've seen drummers toss and catch their sticks while staying on beat, but often times the drummer has choreographed that ahead of time and is well aware of when to pull off such a trick. But when Wilson noticed a Frisbee zinging towards the stage during the band's performance in St. Augustine, Fla., he reacted as many people would, reflexively reaching up to grab it as it whizzed toward him.

What makes it all the more impressive is that Wilson didn't miss a beat as the band performed their classic hit 'Beverly Hills.' You can hear the crowd applaud at the feat, while a perplexed Rivers Cuomo plays on. Check out the fan shot video of Wilson's Frisbee catch on YouTube above or Instagram below.