During Weezer's show over the weekend in St. Augustine, Fla., their drummer did something pretty remarkable. And yes, it involved drums. But it also involved something flying through the air toward him.

Patrick Wilson, who's been with the band from the start, has exhibited his drumming prowess countless times over the years, both onstage and on record. But this weekend, he took his game to the next level: He somehow managed to catch a Frisbee as Weezer were playing their hit song 'Beverly Hills.'

Not only that, he kept on playing. Close your eyes, and you wouldn't even know that a flying disc was caught and held by Wilson as he drummed away. See for yourself:

The band is reportedly working on its ninth album with producer Ric Ocasek, who was behind two of its biggest, and best, records: the Blue and Green albums.

Last week, the band offered a snippet of a new song. Check it out: