Neil Young fans who follow the singer-songwriter on Twitter got a shocking, or maybe pleasant, surprise over the weekend. His account was hacked and sent out several porn images.

Young's verified Twitter site, in addition to sending out the photos, retweeted many more from a popular porn site. Several lewd tweets were also sent from the account, some of them with the hashtag #neilslayed, apparently a reference to the hacking.

Even though a tweet was sent on Saturday that said, "Please disregard my last few tweets. This account was hacked, but it has now been resolved and taken care of," several more offensive tweets, presumably not sent by Young, followed.

Young's last official tweet was on May 28, which had to do with his music on a BBC radio station.

In addition to taking over Young's site and sending out the NSFW images, the hacker replaced Young's photo on Twitter with a random pic found online. A spokesman for Young confirmed the hack to Mashable, and said they were looking into fixing the problem, which, for now at least, seems to have been taken care of.

And here's a cool version of 'Heart of Gold' from 1971, a year before it made it to record: