It may have come out in the '70s, but there's something timeless about the KISS classic "Rock and Roll All Nite" when it comes to generating a good time. That's probably why CeeLo Green went to the KISS well when taking part in Spike's Lip Sync Battle, and he brought in some reinforcements to help his performance.

As seen in the video above, the Gnarls Barkley and Goodie Mob vocalist let his KISS fandom show, taking the stage in full makeup and garb, all while ably backed by the members of Mini-KISS, the KISS tribute band made up of little people.

Green performed shortly after his opponent, comedian Russell Peters, did his best lip sync rendition of Bobby Brown's "Every Little Step." As Green's performance was revealed, you can spot host LL Cool J on the sidelines slack jawed at what he's witnessing, while Peters is later spotted pumping his fists along with CeeLo's performance.

The vocalist commits to the performance, doing his best Gene Simmons tongue wag at one point. Meanwhile, a Mini-KISS member wows with a knee slide across the stage. But his final act doesn't quite go as planned, as he takes his axe guitar and prepares to smash it, but only ends with a loud noise as the instrument stays intact. Watch it all play out in the video above.

And if you want to see how CeeLo and Russell Peters did in their other performances and who won the competition, watch the full Lip Sync Battle episode here.

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