Papa Roach hopped in the studio earlier this year to start writing for their next studio album and the band is far enough along now to launch a PledgeMusic pre-order for the disc.

As with most PledgeMusic campaigns, there are some familiar incentives like the album itself in a variety of formats and special merchandise options, but Papa Roach thought outside of the box a little bit to offer some items that other acts typically haven't. The group is offering up pieces of their history, like the studio fridge that has seen it all, which is going for $500. You could add Jacoby Shaddix's "Lovers are Lunatics" vest to your collection for $750. And the actual baby prop from the cover of the Lovehatetragedy album will set you back $2,500.

You could play bubble soccer with the guys, one of their new favorite activities, if you're willing to pony up $1,000. And if you're a high roller and looking for an investment, you could buy the band's Sacramento-based studio for $600,000. Plus, $75,000 will get you a private acoustic show.

But if that's a little too rich for your blood, there are more traditional offerings like Skype lesson and mentorship sessions with Tobin Esperance and Jerry Horton, the chance to attend a pre-release album listening party, signed drum heads and cymbals, pre-recorded messages and Skype calls from the band. Check it all out here.

And keep in mind, once you place you're pre-order, you'll get instant access to all the "pledger only" bonuses, like updates on the new album, exclusive streams of new songs, videos of the band recording in the studio and more.

Though Papa Roach are working on new music, the band has booked a handful of late July shows to give them a bit of a break. See their scheduled performances here.

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