I love to BBQ. Any chance I get to whip up a meaty concoction in my back yard, I take it. My coworker Ron Roth feels the same way.

We are constantly calling each other out Facebook each week, just to show off what we threw on the grill. Because of this, people are constantly asking us for recipes - which got us thinking, "why don't we just record some videos and show the process?"

Each week, one of us will do a main dish, while the other does a side dish. This week, Ron shows you how to perfect a coffee crusted tri tip roast (which melts in your mouth), and I bust out some pretty easy and tasty jalapeno poppers...Enjoy!

Coffee Crusted Tri Tip Roast  -

What You Need -

24 pack of beer

¼ lb Espresso Grind Coffee

1 Tri Tip Roast

Kosher or Sea Salt

Garlic Salt

Meat Thermometer

Beer Thermometer (Not really)


Four days before your meal, rub the entire roast with Kosher or Sea Salt and place in sealed container in refrigerator.

Drink a beer.

Twelve hours before your meal, remove roast and rinse thoroughly under cold water to remove salt.  Pat dry with paper towel and dust lightly with Garlic Salt.  Place back in sealed container in refrigerator.  (At this point, it’s most likely morning, so having a beer is purely optional)

One hour before you want to start grilling, remove roast from container and let it warm to room temperature and rub vigorously with coffee so the roast is completely covered with the coffee.

Time for 2 beers.

Turn your grill on high and let it get as hot as possible.  When the grill is at it’s hottest point, insert the thermometer temperature probe into roast and place on grill.  Try not to open the grill cover. (It’s tough because you know how good this will taste!) This is a great time to have a few beers. When the internal temperature of the roast reaches 100 degrees, open grill cover and turn roast over.

Celebrate with 2 beers.

When the roast reaches an internal temperature of 125 degrees, pull the roast off the grill and wrap tightly in foil.  Let the roast “rest” for 10 minutes inside the foil.  Time for only one beer, unless you’re T-Roy. Remove the foil and slice into ½ slices across the grain.  Your roast should be medium rare to medium in the center. Finish your 24 pack of beer with this great cut of meat.


Jalapeno Poppers -

What you need for 24 poppers:

2 lbs of bacon

12 Jalapeno's

2 8oz packages of cream cheese

Rubber gloves (trust me on this...)

About 6 beers

24 toothpicks (or not)

Drink a beer.

Let your cream cheese sit at room temperature. While this is happening, put on your gloves, slice all of your jalapenos in half length wise, and remove the seeds. Wash your jalapenos to make sure all the seeds are gone.

Drink a beer.

Fill each jalapeno half with a large spoonful of cream cheese. Wrap each one in a full piece of bacon. If you are inclined, use a toothpick to hold it all together. Usually, the bacon will stick fine by itself, but you never know...

Remove gloves, drink a beer.

Throw on the grill until they're done. This is not an exact science, and times and temps will vary. I usually throw them on with the main dish, and let them cook until the bottom is burnt. Once they're done, let them cool off for a few minutes, and enjoy...with some beer!