Well, so much for teenage drivers being the real danger on the road.

This wild confrontation in Chicago proves that.

In a classic example of two wrongs not making any right whatsoever, these two drivers get into a heated and violent altercation.

Both cars were involved in an earlier hit-and-run, with the driver of the Audi, Martin Vigil, 48, fleeing the scene. The man behind the wheel of the Camry followed him and (this is where the video picks up) eventually gets out of his car and kicks Vigil's Audi.

The Audi slams the Camry in reverse and then drives away, but he comes back and smashes the Camry head-on, while the Camry's driver continues to hit the Audi with his hands.

The Camry's driver moves his vehicle onto the sidewalk, but the Audi driver, presumably still Vigil, continues to taunt him and even makes like he's going to hit him while the man keeps pounding away at the Audi.

Police eventually arrived and charged Vigil with misdemeanor assault, leaving the scene of an accident and criminal damage to property.

Moral of the story: maybe mass transit is the way to go.