Dear Rude Driver of a White Work Truck,

I'm not sure if you are aware of local rules of the road (because I was unable to make out the county number on your clearly Wyoming license), but I'm fairly sure it's the same through the state, especially when it pertains to the highway.

Now again, I'm gong to give you the benefit of the doubt that maybe you are not from Casper, so you didn't know about the speed limit change on I-25, but as you enter the city, the speed changes from 80 to 60 to 30 miles per hour fairly quickly with the bridge construction. While I am 100% sure there is signage stating this, it was 5:45 am and still dark, so again, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that just maybe you missed all of the signs.

What I will not forgive, is you riding my bumper the entire length of the construction. To be honest, I was already going three to four miles per hour over the posted speed limit as it was and you still stayed on my tail. Besides that, there was a vehicle in front of me that I was trying to keep a safe distance between the two of us.

As a man that has been working on his personal road rage issues, you are extremely lucky I was on my way to work and less vindictive than I used to be, because I used to hit my breaks, follow people to get their full license plate numbers and/or call their place of employment. Being as you were clearly in a work-provided vehicle, I'm fairly certain your boss would not want to hear about your horrible and dangerous driving practices in a company vehicle.

I do realize we all make mistakes, and I am a forgive and forget type of person, so I hope you have a blessed day, but please try to do better in the future.


A concerned local driver and former road rager

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