This tornado in Laramie was caught on camera about 5:45 p.m. Wednesday, June 6th, 2018. Kevin Goff took the video from the Petro Station off I-80 just north of Laramie. A warning, the video does contain some mild swearing.

UPDATE:  A release from Albany County Emergency Management: 

"At 5:43 pm a tornado was spotted in Albany County Wyoming North of Laramie and reported to the National Weather Service.  The tornado touched down for approximately 30 minutes causing damage to some structures, power poles, power lines, and fencing.  Law enforcement and fire department personnel are continuing to survey damage within the affected area.  At the time of this release there have been no reports of personal injury. We appreciate all those who heeded the warnings and took shelter allowing law enforcement personnel to evaluate the situation in a safer environment.For damage assessment purposes if you have damage to your property you can email information to  Pictures are welcomed.Albany County Emergency Management will release additional information tomorrow afternoon."

Shortly afterward, Kevin caught a second funnel, appearing to touch down in the mountains.

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