2022 is a special year for Yellowstone National Park as the nations first national park celebrates its 150th birthday. To commemorate the big day, best selling author D.A. Galloway has novel out that would a perfect way to celebrate.


The novel is titled 'Burning Ground' and is a historical fiction that was inspired by his own experiences as a youth where he was mentored by a member of Crow Nation and eventual summer of living and working as a guide in Yellowstone during his college years.

Burning Ground follows the life of Graham Davidson who mourns the loss of his three siblings and who suffers from survivor's guilt. Graham gets an opportunity to take a summer job in Yellowstone and one night under a full moon he goes on the spiritual journey of  a lifetime that transports him back to 1871 and the Hayden Expedition.

Adventure, love, Native American teachings, anger and mourning are all part of the journey that Graham takes back in time to the beginning of Yellowstone National Park's history. The story recounts historical facts that the Hayden Expedition discovered and is combined with decisions that Graham must make when he falls in love with a Native American. He must decide whether or not he want's to stay in 1871 or return to 1971.

While reading the book all parts of the emotional spectrum are triggered.  Excitement, curiosity, sadness and happiness are intertwined with the historical facts that are present during the story.

If you're a fan of Wyoming history, you should check out the book 'Burning Ground' by D.A. Galloway. It's available on Amazon in hard copy, kindle or audiobook.

We talked with D.A. Galloway about this book.

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