Traveling around Wyoming by car, truck or RV is quite the exciting journey. Mountains, wildlife, incredible views that change every few minutes are all some of the reasons people decided to visit the Cowboy State.

There are views that you'll never get to experience here unless you have your own plane or have the super power of flight. Seeing Wyoming from the air will show you views that you've never seen before.

In 2012, Skyworks took to the air to film some of Wyoming's mind blowing views. The company has aerial footage using top of the line recording equipment on the market. Watching this footage from Wyoming shot 10 years ago, I can only imaging what the footage would look like if it were shot today. The advancement of technology changes every year, so to think about the steps it's taken in 10 years is wild.

In this 2 1/2 minute clip, you can see footage from parts of Northern Wyoming that include Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Bighorn Mountains, Boysen State Park, Wind River Mountains and Jackson.

The video equipment used is advanced enough to make the footage look like a bigtime Hollywood movie and captures what Wyoming is all about.

  • Wild horses
  • bison
  • bear
  • elk
  • wolves
  • oil derricks
  • winding rivers
  • snow capped mountains
  • hot springs and much more.

I've found that if you need a couple minutes to sit back and clear your mind, this video works wonders. The combination of terrific video footage and music is enough to bring you to the edge of your seat.

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