It's easy to look down on others once you hear that they have a record. While some crimes are worse than others, we all have a tendency to judge a book by its cover when we hear "I've been in jail". Here's the thing...You've committed plenty of crimes in your lifetime, but odds are, you've never been caught.

Sure, you may not be a murderer or rapist, but - as the religious folk will tell you - all sins are equal. Here's three examples of how you commit you own crime sprees:

1. Singing Happy Birthday In Public.

Did you know that "Happy Birthday" is a copyrighted song? Technically, every time you sing this song around others, you should be be paying a royalty fee. THIEF!

2. Speeding

Even if you are going just one mile over speed limit, you are technically breaking the law. Odds are, you've pushed the law's limits multiple times...just this week. LAW BREAKER!

3. Jay Walking

Admit it - you've skipped the designated crosswalk multiple times in your life. You're walking down the street, you see a break in the traffic, and you cross. I see it happen constantly downtown, and while you may be safer than most in Casper, you still risk the chance of a ticket, or worse, if a car doesn't see you. REBEL!