Three Reasons Why You Are A Criminal
It's easy to look down on others once you hear that they have a record. While some crimes are worse than others, we all have a tendency to judge a book by its cover when we hear "I've been in jail". Here's the thing...You've committed plenty of crimes in your lifetime, but odds are, you've never been caught.
Pennsylvania Woman Hides in Suitcase to Escape Cops
When we pack for a getaway, we fill our suitcase with swim trunks and suntan lotion. But 28-year-old Pennsylvania woman Charley Fretz packed a suitcase with herself in an attempt to evade police on Wednesday. Needless to say, her creative method of escape didn’t work.
Man Goes to Jail For His Baggy Jeans
People have been wearing their jeans below their butts for years now. But don’t tell that to Ohio judge Mark Mihok, who will put you in jail if you wear them low and saggy in his courtroom. The judge’s latest offender is visible in the video above: he’s the one in the white shirt.

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