When I was a much younger kid growing up in Casper, Halloween was by far my favorite time of year. Between the candy, hanging out with all your friends, and dressing up to scare your neighbors, it was overall a grand old time. But as we all know, October is usually not a very warm time around here. Which made for some really chilly, sometimes downright frozen Halloween nights. Which prompted me to be on the lookout for the best costumes for not only the kiddos for your inner child, too.

1. Kid From A Christmas Story

Even though this is meant to be a kids costume, I think you could pull this off just as well!

2. Santa

Depending on how eager you are to get this holiday season started, or how cold it's going to be on Halloween this year, a Santa suit could work out.

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If you go with this option, just make sure you have lots of layers on underneath and a slingshot just for good measure.


4. Mummy

This costume is an excellent choice if the weather decides to not cooperate this year. As you can layer your kiddo from head to toe and make them a mummy!


5. Anything with make-up or a mask

Really you can't go wrong with throwing on some long johns a heavy coat and just putting on some face paint or a mask. Just as long as it's spooky, and you're warm.


If you do decide to use any of these ideas, I would love for you to send a photo of the final product. Happy Halloween!