Shoveling your driveway/sidewalk is pretty much a mandatory thing in Wyoming, there are a few steps however in dealing with proper shoveling etiquette, let us know if we missed anything on this list.

Shoveling Your Sidewalk:

  • If you are healthy and capable of shoveling your own sidewalk, you must do this as soon as it's possible after significant snowfall.
  • If you are healthy and capable, you must clear, at minimum, a walking path to your front door and mailbox to help mail carriers, delivery drivers, visitors, etc.
  • If you are elderly, physically disabled, sick, or otherwise incapable of shoveling your sidewalk you must attempt to have a neighbor, friend, or to hire the job done in a timely manner.
  • If you are away while it snows, ask a family member or trusted neighbor to help you out.

Shoveling Others Sidewalks:

  • If your neighbor is elderly, disabled, sick, or incapable of shoveling their own sidewalk it us the responsibility of each immediate neighbor to help. Take alternating turns between neighbors shoveling the sidewalk and a walking path from the door to the sidewalk.
  • If you know a neighbor is on vacation, it becomes your responsibility to help create a path.
  • If your neighbor is capable of shoveling, yet doesn't, the responsibility is not yours. If a neighbor does not shovel through three or more snowstorms, please let them know to begin shoveling via either an in person visit or a note.

Shoveling Your Workplace/Business Sidewalk:

  • If you are the manager/owner of a business, shoveling is your responsibility to either do yourself, or hire the job done.
  • If you are an employee and your workplace does not shovel in a timely manner, the responsibility is not yours, however you should mention the slick walkway to your boss.

If You Own A Snowblower:

  • While the neighborhood is not your responsibility, it is the neighborly thing to do the entire street sidewalk at least once every three snowstorms.

If Your Neighbor Shovels Or Snowblows Your Walk:

  • The next snowstorm is your responsibility to at least attempt reciprocation.
  • If your neighbor shovels or snowblows more than once, an appropriate small gift, I.E. Cookies, Baked Goods, Bottle of Wine is necessary. At minimum an in person "thank you" is mandatory.


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