A recent series of earthquakes has shaken several countries across the world. Just yesterday, there was another 5.7 magnitude quake near Japan, prompting fears of tsunamis across the Pacific Ocean. Could Wyoming be next?

The answer is yes. In fact, scientists have observed a growing number of earthquakes in northwestern Wyoming, around the so-called Yellowstone Super Volcano. Of the 528 quakes that have been measured in Wyoming during the past year, 420 of them have occurred within the last month.

Wyoming has been the site of several major earthquakes. In 1959, a powerful 7.2 magnitude quake rocked Yellowstone. That was one of six earthquakes over 6.0 to strike the area within the last 100 years.

Other parts of the state have also experienced seismic activity. In 1984, a 5.3 magnitude quake shook Douglas. Two weeks later, a 5.0 magnitude earthquake hit Lander. Earlier that same year, Gillette experienced a 5.0 quake.

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