A 16-year-old Laramie County boy has been arrested in connection with an explosion in a downtown Cheyenne alley Monday morning.

Cheyenne Police Department spokesman Sgt. David Janes says the juvenile, whose identity is not being released at this time, was arrested on suspicion of possession of explosives after authorities executed a search warrant at his home this (Wednesday) morning.

"We were actually able to get the suspect to come to the police department, which is where he was contacted, and then all personnel responded to the address for the search warrant," said Janes.

"While serving the warrant, the SWAT team utilized both armored vehicles as well as the bomb trailer," Janes added. "Detectives did find some bomb making material and explosives at the residence."

Janes says it's unclear why the teen allegedly detonated the explosive device in the alley, but police "don't believe there's any continued threat of explosives" from him.

"We're just happy that we could stop it before any more devices were put out or anybody was actually injured," said Janes.

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