We are in full swing when it comes to mosquito season in Casper. I for one am not a fan of how many times I've been bitten this year already! I itch and I feel like nothing I'm doing is making this problem go away. As in I've had the same bite marks for the better part of two weeks now.

Just like most people I ran to the internet to find the best ways to deal with these pesky bites and I've got the top results that have been tested by yours truly. Except for #4 and #3. I sincerely hope they help you if you're in the same situation.

1. If the itch is getting to a point that you just can't stand I've found that taking an ice cube and rubbing it over the area works pretty well for a little while.

2. Of course, calamine lotion works wonders on your bites.

3. I'm not a huge fan of this next one but honey does work on mosquito bites. I don't like to be all sticky, and knowing how I am I'd forget it was on there and end up covering all my belongings in honey. Or falling asleep with it on and wake up in a sticky situation. (See what I did there?)

4. I do not recommend this one at all. I REPEAT, I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS ONE! One home remedy is to heat a spoon and place it on the bite. I'm not sure what good this would do besides taking your mind off the bite and worrying more about your new burn wound.

5. Last on the list is letting a little bit of toothpaste dry on the bite. It can reduce swelling and is one of the quickest methods to getting them to go away.

For sure was not joking about those bites. This is just one of them that I've been dealing with for two weeks.

Zach Custard
Zach Custard

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