It's a rugged little airplane famous around the globe from bush pilots in Alaska to mountain flyers in Europe and Asia. The Wyoming made Aviat Husky has been called "The Jeep of the air."

It only seats two people, one in front of the other, but the Husky can carry a good load and take off and land using less running distance that most any other airplane on the planet especially in high mountain or Wyoming winds.

Alaskan bush pilots love the Husky for its ability to land on thin short mountain tops and take right off without a worry in the world from the same spot.

The Husky is not the only plane Aviat builds. They construct and sell biplanes and small side by side two seat aircraft. No matter what they roll off the line it has a high-performance engine and acrobatic maneuverability.

Add floats, or even floats with wheels under, and this little flyer can take anyone across any rugged terrain.

Located in Afton, Wyoming the little Aviat production line it the major employer for a town that has just under 2000 residents.

Anyone who is easily overcome by airsickness should think twice about climbing into a Husky with an experienced pilot, as this daredevil pilot in Death Valley shows us.

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