Casper City Manager Cartier Napier confirmed Friday on the K2 Radio Morning Show that the investigation into inappropriate emails circulated within the Casper Fire-EMS Department will not stop with former chief Kenneth King.

"It is rare that the issue stops with one person, unfortunately," Napier said. "So it is safe to say that we are looking into a number of matters pertaining to that dilemma. I don't have any problem saying that we are looking further into these issues."

King, who was supposed to retire in January, instead left the department on Friday after his emails were anonymously distributed to a group of city officials and firefighters last month.

The emails show King used his city account to send suggestive messages to women, as well as make sexual comments about women's appearances to other fire personnel.

King was apparently not the only one within the department who sent inappropriate emails, and other Fire-EMS personnel are being investigated as well.

"The nature of those emails is very troubling. It certainly doesn't speak to an appropriate environment by any means," Napier continued. "[We're] looking into those things and following up on them and dealing with the -- you know, potentially could be a pervasive attitude in that regard, is what's vexing my approach right now."

"I want to be sure that we establish a better paradigm than that, and that's exactly what we're working on right now," Napier added.

Napier said previously that he met with King last week after receiving copies of the emails and a letter that detailed concerns about King. Napier has not disclosed details of their conversation.

In a text message last week, King said he's "sorry if any of my emails have made anyone feel uncomfortable."

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