Earlier this week, my colleague and namesake Rodeo Rick published a blog posing the question, "If Wyoming Had a Monopoly Game, What Player Piece Would You Create?"

Which got me wondering, what Wyoming landmark would represent Boardwalk if we had our own version of Monopoly?

With some help from Facebook friend Buddy Tennnant, here's our completely unoficial version of "Wyoming Monopoly".

Boardwalk $400 - Yellowstone National Park
Park Place $350 - Grand Teton National Park

Pennsylvania Avenue $320 - Devils Tower National Monument
North Carolina Avenue $300 - The University of Wyoming
Pacific Avenue $300 - Wyoming State Capitol

Marvin Gardens $280 - Cheyenne
Ventnor Avenue $260 - Casper
Atlantic Avenue $260 - Laramie

Illinois Avenue $240 - Jackson
Indiana Avenue $220 - Sheridan
Kentucky Avenue $220 - Cody

New York Avenue $200 - Lander
Tennessee Avenue $180 - Thermopolis
St. James Place $180 - Saratoga

Virginia Avenue $160 - Buffalo
States Avenue $140 - Pinedale
St. Charles $140 - Green River

Connecticut $120 - Gillette
Vermont $100 - Rawlins
Oriental Avenue $100 - Rock Springs

Baltic Avenue $60 - Torrington
Mediterranean Avenue $60 - Riverton

Railroads $200 - Union Pacific, BNSF Railway, Burlington Northern, Bighorn Divide

Go To Jail - Wyoming Frontier Prison in Rawlins
In Jail / Just Visiting - Wyoming Territorial Penitentary in Laramie

Free Parking - One mile away from War Memorial Stadium in Laramie

Electric Company $150 - Black Thunder Coal Mine in the Powder River Basin

Since this version of Monopoly is based in Wyoming, the $200 Income Tax square will be replaced with a 'Sixth Penny Sales Tax' on all of your property and hotel transactions.



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