Kudos to Hasbro, publisher of the popular board game that has started more family feuds than any other game in the world - Monopoly. But if Wyoming were to have it's own themed version here are my choices for the game pieces that would be included.

It seems like there is an Officially Licensed version of the game Monopoly for just about every different theme you can think of - NFL Teams, Dogs, Cats, Smurfs, Star Wars, The Bible, etc. - so 'Why Doesn't Wyoming Have It's Own Monopoly Edition?'

The list of Monopoly versions is pretty extensive and I was quite surprised to find out that the Cowboy State doesn't have it's own Officially Licensed Monopoly version.  Wikia.com has what appears to be a complete list of Monopoly versions and I didn't seen anything even close to one that was Wyoming themed.  Not the University of Wyoming, Not Yellowstone National Park and certainly not one for the cowboy state itself.

But why not?  Seems like an easy game to create.  There is so much that could go into the game like Cheyenne Frontier Days, Devils Tower, Yellowstone National Park, The Miracle Mile, Jackson Hole, etc... and then just imagine all the cool game pieces that we could create.

Monopoly currently uses 8 game pieces and the most popular of them all is by far the Top Hat, which we'd of course have to change to a Cowboy Hat.  Here are the other pieces I'd create for the Wyoming Version.

Top Hat - Cowboy Hat

Thimble - Oil Derrick

Shoe - Cowboy Boot

Battleship - Train Engine

Racecar - Antelope

Scottie Dog - Jackalope

Cat - Trout

Wheelbarrow - Pickup Truck

What about you?  If Wyoming had it's own Monopoly Game - What Wyoming themed player piece would want to have in it?

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