There is a species of termite in French New Guinea that carries an explosive "backpack". When threatened, the termite will explode, thus committing a suicide bombing.


Throughout their lifetime, the worker termites will slowly grow a sack of toxic blue liquid. As they get older, and are less able to help the colony with foraging and other duties, the termites will find less laborious tasks to stay active. The older termites have the biggest, most toxic sacks, and will commit suicide in order to protect the others. According to this article on

 Self-destructive behaviour is common among the sterile worker castes of eusocial insects such as termites and honeybees. The workers forego reproduction, so they are free to evolve altruistic behaviours that benefit the colony as a whole rather than themselves as individuals. Defensive suicidal rupturing — termed autothysis — has evolved independently in a number of termite species, suggesting that the behaviour is highly adaptive.


Makes sense. If I couldn't have sex, I'd be willing to take others out when I go, too. Basically, from birth to death, the worker termites are productive. Even if means being a douche...