A task force formed to tackle Cheyenne's abandoned buildings problem has come up with an action plan to clean up the city.

The "Fight the Blight" task force, which has been meeting twice a month since January 31, presented its findings and recommendations to the City Council on Monday night.

"There are roughly 50 properties throughout the city," said Chairman Julie Gliem. "There's only about a half a dozen that we're looking at demolishing."

Gliem says 815 Capitol, 316 Central Avenue, 1017 W. 18th Street and 1217 Dodge Court are among the "worst of the worst."

"The interior of the homes are really bad," said Gliem. "We need to make sure that homes aren't going to collapse on themselves."

The task force suggested the city maintain a registry of properties and establish a fund for demolition.

"We've looked at the ordinances the city has," said Larry Wolfe. "Those ordinances are completely sufficient to do what we're doing and what we want to do in the future and we do not suggest that the city entertain an undertaking to try an adopt new ordinances."

Gliem says the task force is also looking at different projects to help people clean up their yards and ways to help low income residents rehab their homes.