Men Experience Simulated Childbirth [VIDEO]
For those men of the modern era, it is pretty much commonplace to take an active part in the process of childbirth with your wife. When my wife was pregnant, Lamaze classes were the "thing" so that you could practice breathing and the birthing technique...
Men And Women Can’t Be Friends [VIDEO]
A dude at Utah State walked around and asked members of both sexes (he he, I said member) if men and women could be just friends. The answers may or may not surprise you, but one thing is clear...All women are liars.
That’s Not What They Meant By “DieHard?”
I think the Sears brand name “DieHard” is pretty self-explanatory. Ever since I was a kid, I always thought about car batteries when I heard the term. I thought everybody did. Now a Georgia company faces a lawsuit over the use of the name, this time with a completely d…
You Only Clean When It Smells
You being men that is.  Yes!  You only clean when it smells!
That's just wrong.  As a chick I've experienced this way too often.
The answer is probably stinky…a recent study found that men only decide to clean when things smell...