Wyoming Winter Memes
The winters in Wyoming are cold, windy, and brutal. I read that laughing burns calories. Burning calories keep us warm. That means these memes are helpful, right?
A Dose Of Afternoon Absurdity [PHOTOS]
Afternoons at work can get stale.  You've gotten caught up on your work for the day(most of it anyways) and are looking for entertainment.  Where do you turn?  The internet of course.  Even searching the internet can get stale sometimes.  Search no more.  I have rounded up some items found on the internet to relieve you of your search for distraction.
Funniest Memes of the Week – Papa John’s, Scumbag Brain, and More
The funniest memes of the week are back and better than ever. We start off with a meme about Papa John's, the subject of a lot of hate on the internet due to his very public stance against Obamacare. When it was announced that Papa John's was planning to cut employee hours and raise the price of pizza, the internet almost exploded with rage. Well, that's an exaggeration, but let's just say people
11 Hilarious Halloween Memes
Aah! Halloween! Halloweenhalloweenhalloween! Just because it's our favorite holiday doesn't mean we can't have a little laugh at its expense. Or our own. Wait who's laughing at whom? What's going on? We ate too much candy corn and now everything is confusing. Happy Halloween, here are some memes!