heat wave

A GIF Guide to Surviving a Summer Heat Wave
Hey, did you notice it's hot outside? Like, pretty freaking hot. Maybe you can't afford the luxury of air conditioning. Maybe it doesn't matter because you still have to go outside. Don't panic (and certainly don't run). Here's a GIF guide to surviving a summer heat wave.
And Now A Dog Who Can’t Swim [VIDEO]
You may ask yourself why am I watching a video of a dog who can't swim? You may tell yourself because I can! That's all I got. I'd just like to thank the Talking Heads for that one. As for the dog who can't swim, I don't know why I watched it, but I did and the dude in the background does sound like Norm Macdonald...
Man Beats The Heat By Dropping Pants [NSFW] [VIDEO]
Either this is a case of pure insanity, pure dumb ass-ness or just someone who is really really hot on the subway and just trying to get through life so stop judging them just because they think it's completely OK to just drop trough in a public area with no regard for sanitation...
Motorcyclist Finds Creative Way To Beat The Heat [NSFW] [VIDEO]
There's no doubt it's been hot out there and I myself are even wearing flip flops right now, which I love! (I hate wearing shoes.)  But it's not like I'm staying cool by wearing that horrible neon green "V" thing Borat wore? I know I tried to block it out too...but it seems this motorcyclist remembers it fondly.