Just last month a mountain lion was tranquilized in a neighborhood in Gillette Wyoming.  That must have had neighborhood mom's on edge even after they captured it.

Then there was the one spotted inside Riverton city limits, just after they got the one in Gillette. Police think it may have been attracted by the smell of mule deer that were grazing in nearby alfalfa fields.

Back in July of 2016, we ran a story on this website with the screaming headline: Mountain Lion Spotted in Casper-May Still Be Around. That story comes with a photo of a big cat walking across a neatly manicured Casper golf course, past a pond, with some homes in the background.

So we know that they are around. We know they come into our towns and neighborhoods now and then, a little too close for comfort. But why do they come so close? What do they do the rest of the time?

There is a YouTube video by markelbroch called Secret Life of Mountain Lions, which helps answer this question a little. Mark Elbroch, a wildlife biologist with the Panthera Puma Program, over 15 years he has captured 100,000 videos of mountain lions in the wilderness of Wyoming. Using motion activate question he provides a variety of action shots of these big cats. Some of the video was captured using night vision cameras. A few of the big cats have radio tracking colors on them, meaning the have had run-ins with human's before, and we are still watching them.

One cat featured in the video is called "The Wind River Mother." The video is part of a documentary shot by Wild Futures, and environmental group. It was featured on Wyoming PBS.

They have more mountain lion videos on their website and FaceBook page.



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