We all love to go out and destress after a hard week at work most of us go out to our favorite watering hole. Others may just go out for a nice dinner with some friends or loved ones.

I for one love to go out and meet with the wonderful people of Casper. However, in recent months I've been approached by some of the drunkest guys at the bar and I just want to help them out with a little advice from an outsiders point of view.

First thing I want to let you know, is that if you are slurring your words and stumbling about, don't go up and approach that cute girl that you've been eyeing since she walked in the door. I promise you that it will not work out well for either of you.

Another important one and on that has affected me on more than one occasion is guys coming up letting a nasty fart out and lingering around my area until they think it's okay to walk back to their social situation. Which in turn leaves me with a cloud of unpleasant funk hanging around me. NOT OKAY!

I'll leave you with probably the most important one. If you are feeling like you've had too much to drink and you might throw up, I implore you to go straight to the bathroom or outside in the gutter. Although, bathrooms are preferable so that you can save yourself a little bit of embarrassment.  All I'm asking is that you not do it anywhere around me!

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