The Casper Events Center Box Office is looking a little greener, as part of a new partnership to promote ticket sales.

Sinclair Oil has partnered with the Casper Events Center to try to boost ticket sales outside of Casper, for various events.

For those non-Natrona County residents who don't like or want to purchase tickets on-line, Sinclair plans to open ticket outlets at six stations throughout Wyoming in the near future.

Jack Barger is the vice president of marketing and supply for Sinclair Oil.

He says there will be at least one benefit from ticket sales at outlets.

There's a ticket surcharge that is added to each ticket and we're going to donate that back to various community charities. We think that this partnership will also benefit the charities in various Wyoming communities.

Barger adds that he could not yet say where the tickets outlets will be placed at, but if successful, the number of outlets could increase.

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