It's very possible you are gonna laugh at this question, but it really is a trending national issue. Some schools are taking town analog clocks because it is confusing students that don't know how to read them. Should this happen in Wyoming?

I saw this on Diply and thought it might be a joke, but it's a real thing that's happening. Some schools believe it is too hard to teach kids how to read analog clocks when they are used to reading digital time on their phones. Yes, that sound you heard was my jaw hitting the floor.

I went to Snopes to fact-check this and they claim this movement is mostly false. But, there is definitely some people that are talking about it enough that even CBS in Philly did a story on it last year.

Carson Daly on The Today Show even started questioning whether we need analog clocks anymore.

What say you? Should Wyoming keep teaching kids how to read analog clocks or take them down and rely on digital time only?

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