Our story so far:

  • A Pelican was found in a Cheyenne parking lot with a fish hook stuck inside his throat.
  • He was rescued by Wyoming Game & Fish Warden Mitch Renteria.
  • He took the injured bird to Cheyenne Pet Clinic, where Co-owner Brooke Church and her staff named him Pete.
  • On Sept. 28, Dr. Craig Webb from CSU came with an endoscope* and for an entire hour, they located and tried to remove the hook, but it was too embedded.
Cheyenne Pet Clinic

“After 9 Dr.’s consulted, it was determined that it should stay where it is and not try to do any more damage with more procedures. Surgery would be too risky and stir up even more problems..”

– Brooke Church, co-owner Cheyenne Pet Clinic

Now that we’re up to date, we can tell you Pete rehabbed like a champ and has been released in a remote and undisclosed location in Wyoming.

Cheyenne Pet Clinic


Pelicans are not pet material, they are wild and can be cantankerous, but Brooke told me Pete was actually calm for a pelican, “stinky, but calm.”

Cheyenne Pet Clinic

She and her husband and co-owner Dr. Church found that Pete was not as fond of trout as much as he liked the salmon and whitefish they had been serving him, but room service was over for this bird. It was time for him to catch his own dinner, as nature intended.

They found Pete a quiet and remote place and released him back into the wild.

Thanks to the cast of characters in this story (more below), and especially Cheyenne Pet Clinic for their caring and sharing of this story with a most happy ending.