If you're feeling a little bit sluggish today, let Sad Robot get you back in your stride. The Los Angeles trio's new single 'Young' is a rock anthem that not only will make you bop your head but it may also inspire you to take on the world.

The song stars off with a steady guitar over a smooth and light synth background. Frontwoman Katherine Pawlak's voice sounds little rough around the edges but has so much control as she throws a vocal melody against the harmony -- which reminds us of classic alt-rock tracks from the '90s. The choir that joins in the chorus also helps to add a grandeur to this anthemic track.

"I'm finding shelter in a photograph of you / When life was simple in the world with a beautiful view / Now people will run you, get you, telling you what you should do / I'm out to show this world and how I'm pulling through," Pawlak sings at one point. You can listen to our exclusive premiere of the song below.

While the band is still unsigned, it's been causing a buzz in its hometown, as well as on the small screen. Sad Robot's songs have been featured in promos for 'Bones' and the 2013 Winter X Games. They also landed a prominent placement in Oxygen's 'Bad Girls Club.' Not too shabby for a band that's still considered up-and-coming.

Listen to Sad Robot's 'Young'