I love people watching. Being in an industry that requires you to be in large crowds of people often, I've honed my people watching skills, and have some random advice to help make your next ogling session the best experience possible.

Most people think people watching is just something that you do when you're bored. While that may be true in some cases, I love to do it whenever I get the chance. Sometimes, it can be the most entertaining part of your day. Here's 5 random tips to make your next people watching session a killer time.

1. Look for people walking a little funny

These people are fun to spot, as you can tell that they didn't wipe too well - and are now paying for their laziness.

2. Have a slight smile when you make eye contact with people

It's funny to see people's reactions when you do this. You can see the gears turning as they try to figure out what you're smiling at? Does he know what I did last night? Do I have toilet paper on my shoe? Are my underwear showing?

3. Randomly scratch your nose

You'll start to notice folks doing the same, as they check to make sure you're not trying to tell them they have a booger hanging.

4. Listen to the conversations as people pass you

Some of the funniest things I've ever heard have come from people walking past me. The best ever was when two ladies were walking by, and one was saying "My butt hurts so bad. I'll never let him do that again!" Classic.

5. Make up little stories for people

I like to pretend I'm orating people's lives. "Susie never forgave Dave for throwing away her award winning scab collection. Even now, she walks half a step ahead of him because she can't stand the sight of his stupid face". Get creative...you'll eventually start believing that your tales are truth.